March 2013 _ アフタヌーンティー・リビングリミックス 新宿

自由な大人のためのライフスタイルを提案する新業態、Afternoon Tea LIVING ReMIXが新宿FLAGSにオープンしました。
次の週末を友人たちと刺激的にゆっくり過ごすイメージで、友人の別荘[holiday house]をテーマにデザインを手掛けました。

March 2013 _ Shinjuku (Flags), Tokyo

“Fusion of Old & New” – re-mixing of things traditional and things modern.
A shop for a new label “Afternoon Tea LIVING ReMIX”, which has been launched to offer fresh ideas for sophisticated lifestyle of mature and independent grown-ups has opened in Shinjuku FLAGS located right next to Shinjuku Station, one of the busiest stations in Tokyo.
The theme of the design comes from “Friend’s holiday house” where people gather with their friends to spend a relaxing yet exciting weekend together.
Assigning each zone with a classification according to its category such as Garden, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Study and Closet, it is designed to provide the exhilaration of experiencing the transition of various scenes.
For the entrance, instead of adopting traditional bricks for the exterior, modern ceramic tiles were employed, though in a traditional manner, to achieve the brand concept of “re-mixing of things traditional and things modern” at the entrance.

Interior Design
Category / Retail, Goods, Furniture
Location / Shinjuku, Tokyo
URL / http://www.afternoon-tea.net
Photo credits / © Kozo Takayama