November 2020 _ 3F心斎橋パルコ レストルームエリア

11月20日にグランドオープンを迎えた心斎橋パルコ、3階5階の環境レストルームエリアのデザイン監修を担当。コンセプトに掲げたのは「Hospitality Conscious」。機能を満たすだけで殺風景になりがちな従来の商業施設のレストルームエリアに新しい概念を吹き込んだ。3階レストルームエリアの入り口は、ホテルエントランスを彷彿とさせるしっとりと落ち着いた空間を演出し、自然光が差し込むレストルームとのコントラストを図った。各レストルームは、出来る限りナチュラルで環境に配慮したマテリアルにこだわり風が通り抜けるような「隙間」を設ける事で、自然光の気持ちの良さ・心地の良さを引き出す空間づくりを目指した。特にパウダールームエリアが併設されたwomen's restroomは長時間過ごしたくなるスペースとなっている。

November 2020 _ Shinsaibashi, Osaka

We designed the restroom area on the third and fifth floors of Shinsaibashi PARCO, whose grand opening was celebrated on November 20. The concept adopted here is "Hospitality Conscious". Makiko Yamaguchi has brought a new concept to the restroom area of conventional commercial facilities that tends to be tasteless whose purpose is only for its function. The entrance of the restroom area on the third floor creates a mellow and calming atmosphere reminiscent of a luxury hotel entrance, producing a contrast with the restroom where natural sunlight streams. The materials that make up the space are as environmentally friendly as possible, where the space incorporating comfort and coziness from the natural sunlight is laid out by creating "gaps" to allow some breeze to pass through. In particular, the women's restroom with a makeup room is a place that makes you want to stay for a long time.
A new proposal is made for the restroom area of commercial facilities by designing a space that makes the time spent in the restroom more comfortable, even making it one of the purposes of visiting.

Interior Design Direction
Category / Commercial Facility
Location / Shinsaibashi, Osaka
URL / https://shinsaibashi.parco.jp
Photo credits / © Kozo Takayama