November 2018

この度、ヘッドスターツ山口麻希子が初となるコンセプト家具シリーズ《 The Desert Villa 》(ディザートヴィラ)を発表する運びとなりました。

ヘッドスターツ創立以来のデザインコンセプトである『"砂漠のオアシス”となるようなデザイン』を具現化させた本プロジェクトは、張り詰めた日常から解き放たれる最もプライベートな睡眠と休息の時間を《 The Desert Villa 》をテーマにデザインし、メインとなるベッドをはじめ、サイドテーブルならびにテーブルランプを製作しました。






November 2018

Headstarts is pleased to announce the launch of its first conceptual furniture series “Desert Villa” by a Tokyo-based interior designer and founder of Headstarts, Makiko Yamaguchi. Since its founding, her work has centered on the concept that encourages the design to resonate like “an oasis in the desert.” Embodying this very concept, “Desert Villa” focuses on sleep and rest, which are the most vital and private elements in releasing tension from everyday life. The bed, along with the side table, and the table lamp are designed with the “Desert Villa” theme in mind.

The main frames of the bed and the side table are made from carefully selected, fine-quality wood remnants, which are byproducts of timber processing. Using skillful craftsmanship, the reclaimed wood is then processed into a laminated form. Once they are shaped into the proper form, the wood is hand finished with meticulous care, in the final process.

For the side table, the unique joinery technique practiced by sashimono-shi is applied. Sashimono, which has become quite scarce in recent years, is a traditional form of Japanese wood craftsmanship employing highly refined, and long inherited skills.

The lamp shade, which was designed after the image of a pleated skirt, is exquisitely tailored in a haute couture-like manner, with close attention paid to the aesthetics of soft and mellow light diffused through the woven fabric.

Also, as a part of eco-action, we focused on wood (oak) scraps, and leftover domestic linen fabric that was precisely woven and washed without using chemicals. By breathing new life into the otherwise discarded materials, they are transformed into a new piece of fine quality furniture infused with warmth.

AIn addition, Japanese made high-efficiency devices are proactively employed to ensure less energy consumption and environmental load.

Furniture Design, Direction
Category / Hospitality, Relaxation
Production Cooperation / Bed, Table: Nareu, Lamp: Wonder Full Life
Photo credits / © Kozo Takayama