October 2013 _ アフタヌーンティー・リビング 二子玉川

30年を超える歴史あるブランド、Afternoon Tea LIVING の玉川高島屋S・C店がリニューアルオープンしました。
”Afternoon Tea LIVING”という女の子をイメージし、その女の子が毎日をたのしく生活する部屋を屋根裏のアパルトマンに見立て、物語を描くように店舗の各シーンをデザインしました。

October 2013 _ Futakotamagawa (Takashimaya), Tokyo

A shop for Afternoon Tea LIVING, a brand with over 30 years of history and brand recognition, has been reborn as a lovely attic apartment in Tokyo’s Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center. The “attic” filled with happy and lively atmosphere evokes a series of scenes taken from an imaginary “Afternoon Tea LIVING” girl’s everyday life.
The sequence of roof-shaped gates, which continues all the way to the back, creates a spacious attic-like atmosphere and adds dynamism and rhythm to the space. It is meant to pull the attention of visitors to the shop space through to the end.

Interior Design
Category / Retail, Goods, Furniture
Location / Futakotamagawa, Tokyo
URL / http://www.afternoon-tea.net
Photo cresits / © Kozo Takayama